Sometimes, you’ve gotta get away from all the distractions.

Get away from the noise and the fuss and the habits and the pressures and just DO THE WORK.

Which starts with breathing and opening and then suddenly you find your feet and GO LIKE THE WIND.

At least, that’s how it works when I’m in charge.

Custom retreats are possible for your group, with your theme.

Or you can come to what I’ve cooked up.


YUM: the gathering is coming right up!

Intensives and delicious food and great company in a beautiful place.  What a great combination!

We’ll be diving in and swimming around in food and sensuality for two days. We’ll have food support but we’ll also have plenty hanging out and nibbling in the kitchen, and plenty of non-kitchen time to talk about and have fun with sensuality and pleasure.

Clothes on.  It’s totally possible to do this work with your clothes off.  But there are so many amazing ways that sensual pleasure doesn’t have to be sexual and doesn’t have to be naked, and unfortunately in our culture, nakedness and sexuality often get conflated.  But if you think you can’t feel good without sex….
we’ll see about that.
This is a chance to find the separation between sensuality and sexuality, between pleasure and sexuality, and between desire and sexuality, which will free you up to experience pleasure, sensuality, and desire in a lot of places where sexuality might not belong.  Your world can be so rich.
Sensuality and sexuality get conflated a lot.  You’ll get to find where that tipping point is for you, decide if you want to keep it where it is, and learn how to enjoy your world without feeling like you’ve crossed a line.
We’ll have:

Two nights in a gorgeous house, lots of great practice at being in your body and loving the feelings, and lots of downtime.  Ten great people.  Only ten.  This is a retreat that’s meant to be delicious and relaxing and fun and….yummy.

more details here

A few details are still being sorted out, but

  • $1300
  • June 12-14   June 18-21
  • on gorgeous Cape Cod
  • If you’re flying, plan to fly into Boston Logan and let me know; there will be help sorting out transport from there.

Registration includes food, 2 nights’ lodging, and two and a half days of fun, tasty, sensual explorations.  Transportation is not included.

Registration is transferrable but not refundable.

Still have questions?  Email me (leela at this url)!  I’ll be glad to answer!  Alternatively you can find me on Facebook.

Pay in full here:


Or pay $750 now and the balance two weeks before the retreat:


Once you’re registered I’ll be in touch to get to know you a little, get your information, dietary restrictions, and anything else I need to know. We’re going to have a sweet, delightful, fabulous time! See you there!


The Love Your Power retreat was an absolute delight.  Thanks to the three people who showed up totally themselves and brought their power!

My next retreat is LOVE YOUR POWER, an intimate gathering for intensives.  I have THREE beds only at this amazing, charming retreat center an hour west of Boston.  (

Here’s what we’ll do:

Friday night, we’ll gather, have dinner, and start talking.  We’re going to purge all the nasty, shameful, mean stories we’ve been told about our power.  We’ll take as long as we need.

When we’re done, we will be empppptttyy.  (and there will be really good dessert.)


Saturday we’ll get up, and leave those stories behind.  We’ll pick what to fill up with.  Then we’re going to find out what it feels like to LOVE being powerful, to OWN being powerful, and use that power we’re CLAIMING to ROLL RIGHT ON FORWARD.

You will leave breathing, standing, and walking differently.

You will also leave with at least one part of your life turbo-rocket-boosted into the stratosphere.

Cost: $500

Bring: exasperation with being small.  Any stories you’re ready to ditch. Readiness to expand like crazy.  Joy and excitement. INTENSITY (of course)

Leave behind: reticence, recalcitrance.

How to register: it’s SO CLOSE! Call me.  612-209-6611

Registration deadline: Thursday morning, March 26, 8 AM.