What does coaching do?  Why would I need a coach?

In simple terms, coaching does three things: it helps you figure out what you want, it helps you figure out how to get there, and it keeps you moving toward that goal.  All coaching is some permutation of those things. What varies from coach to coach is how we do that, and who we are.

Maybe you’re wondering something concrete: if you should move; if you should quit your job; if you should leave your partner; if it’s time to scrap it all and go for a 2000 mile hike.

You might know exactly where you want to go but not how to get there:  You want a six figure income; you want to stay home with your kids; you want a better sex life; you want to stop fighting with your beautiful and courageous and infuriating child.  Or spouse.  Or father-in-law.

You might feel you could use some clarity: Maybe you feel disconnected to your truth. Maybe you feel a little lost, like your direction, your life, are not quite what they could be.

You might need to claim yourself and your power: Maybe you’re intense. Maybe folks have told you you’re somehow too much.

Coaching is graduate school for your spirit.  You’re about to do an in-depth study of YOU.  So if you know you want coaching, then you need to find out who you want, because in coaching (as in graduate school advising), fit is absolutely critical.

What is fit?

It’s what happens when you click with another person.  Communication is pretty easy, you understand each other’s style, you enjoy each other.  Without fit, coaching doesn’t work.

Are we a fit?

You: You’re intense.  You’re powerful, whether or not you express that in your life right now.  You’re irreverent.  You swear when it’s needed.  You believe in goodness in the world.  You have a rich and nimble sense of humor, and you like to laugh.  You are ready to take some risks, push some boundaries, and step up your game.  You’re ready to redefine everything, starting with yourself.  You’re smart, you’re interesting, you’re creative, you’re passionate.  You’re not averse to breaking some rules.  And in whatever arena you’re changing, you know you can do better, and you want support in getting there.

Me: I’m fabulously intense. I am also sensitive, empathic, gentle, insightful, and have been a coach in many forms for 15 years. I am a rockstar at figuring out other folks’ tangles, and this work lights me up. I’ll help you uncover things that will make your life feel richer and more beautiful, and will help you figure out how to get there.

How does this work?

The great thing about coaching is that I can probably help you with almost anything.  And because everything’s connected, we can start with whatever you think the most pressing problem is.

In a single 2-4 hour session, we’ll figure out what the underlying issues might be, open up those cans of spaghetti, and find a way to address them, including some concrete next steps.

I can be a hardass, but I tend to laugh when I do it.  That doesn’t mean I let you off the hook, but it does mean I love finding out what will make your life richer and more beautiful and helping you figure out what out of everything will help you get there.  It means there’s affection and smiles and seriousness and tears are fine, too.  As they used to say about spaghetti sauce, it’s all in there.

After the kickoff session, I strongly suggest 15 minute weekly followup sessions.  While some people find they don’t need it, or can use it less often (which is fine) they’re useful for most people.  You come out of that initial session ready, energized, and clear, but after the high wears off it helps to check in and see what’s getting done and what’s getting dropped.  It’s easy to talk yourself out of the new groove and into the old pattern, or (this happens a lot) a half-assed version of what you really want.  We don’t open any new cans of spaghetti in those 15 minutes, just make sure you’re still moving forward.

Rates are $150/hour.  I do hold a few financial hardship slots with a reduced rate so if you’re scraping bottom and really need the work, ask about that.

To book: send me email (myfirstname at thisdomain), call, 612-209-6611, or find me on Facebook.  Talk with you soon!