0623130821bI change people.  Actually, I change the container and then people change themselves.  But if you’re looking for change, that’s what I do.

I believe in love, redemption, imperfection, joy, and pleasure.

And persistence.

And you.

Transformative influences: music, touch, vision, love, love, love.

Unexpected talent: when I was in fourth grade I couldn’t talk in front of more than three people without bursting into tears.  Now I love to speak.  500 seats, full house, no problem.

Learning style: kinesthetic/tactile.  An ex-boyfriend’s best friend once described it as sensual/kinesthetic.

Music/ians I have loved: David Wilcox, Carrie Newcomer, Ani DiFranco, Jean Pierre Rampal’s rendition of the Bolling suite for flute and jazz piano, birdsong especially the wood thrush.

Unlikely diversions: occasionally, I paint.

magic: X-ray vision for potential.  I don’t care how deep it’s buried, I can see it.

Woo percentage: about 70%.  Thirty percent of me remains skeptical but willing to be convinced.

Resume: MDiv, coach training, people rendered blissfully inarticulate, massage therapy, tech support, sex education, cabinetmaking, expert hugger.  No kidding.

got questions?  Get in touch:  Call me at 612-209-6611 or email leela@ this url.

Can’t wait to talk!